Guidelines for Presentations

*** “Call for Presentations” has been closed. ***

Guidelines for Live Oral Presentation in Parallel Session

Presenters will deliver a live online presentation on the event day:

  • Live oral presentations will be arranged in parallel sessions and virtual meeting rooms:
  • Speaker(s) of each presentation will be given 20 minutes to present and answer participants’ questions. We recommend spending 15 minutes for the actual presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


  1. Arrangement of the parallel sessions
  • Details of your assigned session (e.g. connection details of the assigned Zoom virtual meeting room) will be confirmed at least one week before the event.
  • Please manage your time well and make sure you do not exceed the 20 minutes presentation time. The session facilitator/ helper will give you a signal when there are 5 minutes left before the end of your presentation slot. If your talk overruns, it is possible that your screen will be stopped, and/or your microphone will be muted.
  • Please prepare a spare device (such as laptop, mobile or tablet) with the latest Zoom Application installed to join your session in case of connection or hardware problems. 
  1. Designing your presentation materials
  • The presentation materials can be in any type (slides/ poster/ notes, etc.) that can be shown on the computer screen using the ‘share-screen’ function of the Zoom platform. 
  • Make sure you include information about the presentation topic, the name of the presenter(s)/ author(s) and their affiliation, and the acknowledgment of the source of funding (if applicable) in the presentation materials. 
  • It is suggested to prepare your materials in a more concise manner by focusing on a few main points and using clear and sufficient graphics. 
  1. Facilitation
  • You can authorize your colleague(s) to facilitate your presentation if you are unable to attend. In this case, you are recommended to inform the symposium working team about the arrangements as soon as possible, preferably at least two weeks prior to the event date.
  • Presenters will be given control over the shared screen and move through the slides themselves using the ‘share-screen’ function of Zoom during their presentation. 
  • The chat feature in zoom meetings during parallel sessions will be enabled.
  1. Recording of presentation/ use of presentation materials
  • All presentations and Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions conducted via the Zoom platform (i.e. camera view, shared computer screen and audio) will be recorded and published as an event archive on the symposium website, KEEPCourse* as well as the event marketing materials.
  • If you do not want to have your video or photo published, please contact ( at least a week prior to the event date.

Guidelines for Preparing Pre-Recorded Oral Presentation (to be showcased at the KEEPCourse* only)

Presenter(s)/ author(s) of accepted abstracts need to submit a pre-recorded oral presentation video (12 to 15 minutes long) for showcasing their works/ practices:

  • The video recording will be made available at the KEEPCourse* only on and after the event day. 
  • Please note that NO live presentation time slot will be scheduled on the event day for presenters who choose this format.


  1. Length and content
  • The presentation video should be within 12-15 minutes and recorded with software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams (showing your face and presentation slides) in MP4 format.
  • Make sure you include the information about the abstract title, name of the presenter(s)/ author(s) and affiliation in the video. 
  • No video editing services will be provided to presenters.
  1. Submitting your video
  • Upload the video file to your cloud storage platform (i.e. Office 365 OneDrive, Google Drive) and submit the shareable link to the symposium working team by May 23, 2022 (HKT). An online form for video submission will be provided to presenters of accepted abstracts later.
  • To facilitate our follow-up, the video file should be named with your submission number. 
  • All late submissions may not be released to the participants at the KEEPCourse* in a timely manner.

*For the purpose of posting the videos at KEEPCourse publicly, all submitted videos will also be hosted at a video streaming platform (i.e. Youtube). Presenters and delegates should register on the KEEPCourse to access the pre-recorded presentation videos.